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Forever in My Heart 2019

Forever in My Heart

6.40 HD 2019 88 min
For five years, Jenna Slade has been climbing the corporate ladder at Columbus, Ohio based Pugsley Hotels, which has properties worldwide catering primarily to the corporate clientele. Coinciding with she and her boyfriend Dave Jordan, an executive in the international division of the company getting engaged, Jenna gets her first overseas assignment: making a pitch to some potential investors in Dublin for Pugsley to take over a historic property in the city. Part of the reason for this assignment is that Jenna spent one year in an internship working at family owned and operated O'Hanlon's Inn in rural Dalkey outside of Dublin just prior to getting hired at Pugsley, and thus knows the Irish culture and how to frame the pitch to the Irish mentality. Part of Jenna's want to work in Ireland at the time was a family connection with her father Jack Slade, who has since passed, the two of them who fixed up some family property there. While in Ireland for this trip, Jenna plans to stop by Dalkey to catch up with her friend Kath, who worked as the baker at O'Hanlon's, and Patrick O'Hanlon, the O'Hanlon patriarch and her former boss. Who she does not expect to see but does are Kath's husband, Liam, but more importantly Patrick's son, Charlie O'Hanlon, the two men partners in a Celtic music bar band who have been on the road performing. Charlie was Jenna's boyfriend at the time. What Jenna does not know is that Charlie was ready to make a long term commitment to her five years ago, but didn't want to stand in the way of her professional opportunity in working for Pugsley. As Jenna spends time with all her old friends in Dalkey, they who are preparing for the annual Heritage Festival, usually O'Hanlon's busiest time of the year, what happens between Jenna and Charlie this second time around is not only affected by the engagement ring already on her finger from another man, but Jenna learning of the difficulties O'Hanlon's is currently facing in light of Patrick's want to retire, and the mission of one of the inn's guests, Molly, in wanting to reconnect with someone important from her past.
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