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Infinite 2021


5.50 HD 2021 106 min
Unable to explain the origin of his extensive encyclopaedic knowledge, the skills he has acquired, and the memories of places he has never visited, tormented, pill-popping Evan McCauley has been plagued by strange, vivid hallucinations all his life. On the verge of a mental breakdown, Evan finds himself caught in the middle of an aeons-long confrontation, as the Believers and the Nihilists, two groups of the gifted Infinites--extraordinary people blessed, or cursed, with the rare gift of reincarnation--vie for power. Now, the Nihilists' feared leader, Bathurst, seeks to end all life on Earth. Is Evan a part of the Infinites' master plan? Above all, are one's fragmented memories evidence of multiple past lives?
7.2 of 2203