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Waves 2020


3.30 HD 2020 78 min
Waves is a feature film that is comprised of two short-form offerings entitled Airwaves and Soundwaves from award-winning directors Tom Galang and Domonic Smith. These films will resolve independently of one another, but will compliment and when played back-to-back will create a full-length feature film. Airwaves is the story of a woman, Annie Burch, who serves as the program director of a radio show revolving around extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories, and a general curiosity about the far reaches of space called Under The Stars. As she is researching topics for the next time the show airs, she stumbles upon a phenomenon that has been documented around the globe: these industrial, whining, metallic sounds coming from the sky. While there are many theories about where these sounds come from, there is no concrete answer. As Annie strives to get closer to the truth, a disturbing phone call to the station begins a chain of events that will change her life forever. Soundwaves is the tale of theoretical-physicist John Maynard(sp) who works at the ARCH (Advanced Research of Conduit Harmonics) Agency. John is tapped by ARCH to complete his father's research which centered around nuclear fusion and the effects of nuclear weapons. Things aren't always as they appear at ARCH, and as John struggles with the ethics and morality behind his research, he also contemplates how to expose ARCH. John makes a decision that not only affects his life, but the world as we know it.
4.4 of 36
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